Help on DCR Entry

(Maximise this window for easier reading.)


In contrast to the pages for entering the MFC, Tour Plan or Expense Statement, the DCR entry page is far more user-friendly. It has been designed to reduce the data entry time by minimising the use of the keyboard. Most of the work can be done with the mouse itself and the only data you must key in are the POB details and the additional products or gifts given to doctors.

Alternately, you can enter the code numbers of the doctors instead of selecting the doctors. 

Doctor / Chemist / Stockist Codes:

The code numbers can be seen in the Doctors / Chemists / Stockists View.  You can print this list and keep with you.  If you write the code numbers of the doctors in your work diary, it will be very easy for you to enter the codes into the system.


Before you start the DCR Entries in the web, you must have fed all your doctors list, chemists list, chemists list and the MFC. Since you cannot type in any of these data in the DCR page, you will end up sending an incomplete report if the above details are not keyed in.

How to enter DCR

1. The screen is in two parts: the left part contains the list of your customers and the right side contains the datafields for entering the daily report. Please note that the customers list is sorted as per the area.

First enter the date, worktype,worked with etc on appropriate boxes. Then click on the 'Clear Selection' button on the left pane. Now click on the small checkbox next to doctors, chemists or stockists names to select the required customers.

Alternately, enter the doctor / chemist / stockist codes in the text boxes seperated by coma eg: 12045,14148,19725 etc

3. Then click on the "Prepare DCR" button on the right portion of the screen. This will show you the list of doctors, chemists and stockists selected from the left pane. First check the list for any mistakes. If you notice any mistake, correct it by selecting or de-selecting required doctor / chemist / stockist. Then again click on the "Prepare DCR" button to see the new list.
4. Once you are satisfied with the selected list, check the Products / Gifts column for doctors. Here,the products entered for that doctor (in the Doctors List) will be appearing. If needed, modifity the list to include the other products you discussed with that doctor and mention the gifts / other inputs given to him.
5. Then, enter the POB for the chemists and stockists (if any). Please note that you must enter plain numeric values in the POB box. DO NOT INCLUDE CURRENCY SYMBOL IN IT. NON-NUMERIC VALUES WILL GET EVALUATED AS "0".
6. Once you have finished all the above modification, click on the "Submit DCR" button appearing on the botton of the page. If all your entries are acceptable, you will see a fresh screen with the words "data entered" on it.
In case you need more assistance, please feel free to contact the HO.